Maria Trading Company

since 1995
Establishing stable and serious relationships with our business partners and customers to provide the best quality products at fair prices.

The Slaughterhouse

It is the biggest in Romania and one of the biggest in Europe, having an area of 44,000 square meters with over 15,000 square meters built. It is situated close to the Sun Highway, at km 105 on the Bucharest – Constanta route.

Unit activity profile is slaughtering of the cattles, sheeps, goats and horses; cutting, packaging and delivery of chilled or frozen meat; processing gorges, bladders and guts. It is equipped with modern tehnological lines according to international laws, which ensure high productivity and guarantee food safety for manufactured products.

Livestock Husbandry

With 20 years experience in animal raising and fattening, we have built a modern industry based on growing healthy, selected breeds, with the highest attention given to animal welfare, care and feeding.

Inside our own 6 farms we ensure a constant stock of approx. 50,000 sheep heads and 6,000 bulls heads, the biggest stock in Romania. Our farms strictly obey the rules of biosecurity, and all the work is professionally supervised. We also provide 100% in animal feed only natural meal from own production, with quality feed recipes carefully watched by nutritionists.

Live animal and meat export

The live animals are transported with authorized modern transport (10 PEZZAIOLI trucks with loading capacity of 50 bulls or 600 sheep per truck) that enables strict rules on animal welfare: ventilation, temperature measurement, adequate amounts of water, microclimate conditions, GPS monitoring.

Transportation of meat pieces and meat products from the slaughterhouse to the buyer is done under strict regulations with our own fleet of authorized vehicles, specially equipped for international fresh or frozen goods transportation.

Production capacities


50,000 cattles/ year
400,000 sheeps/ year


cattles: 25 tons/ shift
sheep: 16 tons/ shift


cattles: 500 / sheep: 9,000
cut and packed products: 50 tons


tunnels: 10 tons/ shift
storage of frozen products: 750 tons